Senior Health Checks

We offer discounted consultations for our senior patients

We offer discounted consultations for our senior patients on Wednesday & Thursday mornings at our main surgery and on Tuesday afternoons at our branch surgery. These are designed for older pets as a routine screen for problems associated with age and for animals that just seem to be slowing down due to old age or have had recent changes in their normal behaviour.

In addition to a full examination by a vet, we also measure blood pressure and check your pet’s urine to see whether there is any reason to do a blood test or investigate further. If your pet has a blood test following a senior health check then this will also be at a discounted rate.

We recommend that dogs over 8 years old and cats over 10 years old are checked by a vet every 6-12 months in order to identify any problems early.

If considering booking a consultation you may wish to bring a urine sample with you and you might consider not feeding your cat on the morning of the appointment if you think a blood test may be suggested.

How old is my cat?

Age of Cat Human Equivalent Age of Cat Human Equivalent
1 15 11 60
2 24 12 64
3 28 13 68
4 32 14 72
5 36 15 76
6 40 16 80
7 44 17 84
8 48 18 88
9 52 19 92
10 56 20 96