Park Equine boasts over 70 years of combined equine experience

Please note that there has been a price increase for equine services. Please contact our team for more details.

Park Equine is a well-established equine veterinary practice with a team of four dedicated equine vets. The practice presently has over 70 years of combined equine experience treating horses, ponies and donkeys in the comfort of their own home

The practice has been providing veterinary services for the local equestrian and farming communities for over 100 years, formerly as Trewin, Barr & Gale and then as Johnson & Daniels and Partners.

We are a punctual equine ambulatory practice which provides ‘in-house’ veterinary care for our patients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our modern, high quality diagnostic facilities, combined with professional staff, ensure your horse is cared for to the highest standards



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Please call the office on 01923 229300 to provide us with your details or use the form on the website.


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  • Visits can be arranged by contacting the office on 01923 229300 and speaking directly to one of our friendly staff. Visits can be arranged on weekdays between 9:00am and 5:00pm and a request can be made for an AM or PM visit.


    Clients are then requested to telephone the office (equine reception) between 08:30am and 08:45am the day of the confirmed visit to find out what time the vet will be attending (usually a 1 hour window). For more information please click here.

  • All clients without an account facility are required to pay at the time of the visit. To open an account, please register your horse online, or call the office on 01923 229300.

  • Procedures vary between insurance companies but in the first instance you need to inform the insurance company that you wish to make a claim and request a form. Some insurance companies will send the claim form direct to us but the norm is to send it to you to complete first.


    Then the form is sent to us for the vet to fill out the relevant sections before being returned to you to check and submit. For more information on insurance please click here.

  • Please call the office on 01923 229300 to request the drugs you require. You will probably be asked what dose the horse is currently on and how they are doing.


    Please note if the horse has not been seen within the last six months you will be asked to book in for a check-up as we cannot prescribe drugs to horses not seen within this time scale. There is also a facility to place requests – click here.

  • The first step is to book an appointment for a pre-castration check by calling the office on 01923 229300. The vet will examine the horse to check it is sexually mature and fit enough to under-go the operation. The procedure can then be booked for a convenient date. For more information on castration please see our information sheet – click here.

  • These are usually arranged on the advice of the vet who is treating your horse. If you think your horse requires either of these procedures a consultation will be required to confirm this and to advise on which is the most appropriate. Pre-purchase x-rays can be conducted on request usually after the veterinary examination has taken place.


    If radiographs are being carried out in order to obtain insurance cover we recommend that purchase is delayed until the insurance company has responded. For more information on these diagnostic procedures see our information sheets – click here.

  • We only conduct a 5-stage vetting for pre-purchase examinations although other vettings are available for insurance purposes. The examination involves an external inspection including teeth, eyes and listening to heart and lungs at rest. Walk and trot in hand is then observed including flexion tests before ridden exercise is undertaken. There is then a short period of rest where respiration and heart rate are monitored.


    Finally the horse is trotted up again to check for any issues made evident through exercise. For more information on pre-purchase vetting please see our information sheets – click here.

  • Please contact the surgery on 01923 229300 to request a pack for each horse you require a count done for. You can collect these from the surgery alternatively we can post these out to you. The pack contains instructions and the kit which you complete, place in the pre-paid envelope and put in the post. The results are then sent to us and we will ring you to give you the results and discuss any recommendations if the results are positive.


    Please make sure your contact details held at the surgery are correct. For more information on worming please see our information sheet – click here.

  • We recommend that you avoid strenuous ridden exercise i.e. getting your horse sweaty on the day of the vaccination and for 24hrs afterwards. For more information on equine vaccinations please see our information sheet – click here.

  • The guidelines for equine influenza vaccinations state that a horse must have an initial course of three vaccinations. After the initial vaccination the second can be booked to take place usually after 4 weeks the third is then given after a following month period. Thereafter annual boosters must be given either on the anniversary date or before.


    Tetanus vaccinations are similar in that the second is done 4 weeks after the first however the third takes place 17 months after the second and then it defers to a booster taking place every other year. If you have missed the anniversary of your horse’s booster then please call the surgery on 01923 229300 to discuss your options.


    Some equine regulation bodies will allow a variation of these times in order to compete (21-92 days from first to second vaccination and 150-215 days from second to third vaccine) however, as a practice, we advise following the datasheet recommendations of the vaccination company.


    For more information on equine vaccinations please see our information sheet – click here.

  • We do not offer exclusive equine work experience. Work experience can be arranged by sending a letter and CV to our work experience co-ordinator by post. All successful applicants will be required to undertake duties in our small animal departments. If equine experience is desired you will be required to ask the equine department at the beginning of your work experience (minimum age 16 yrs).


    Enquiries for availability of extra mural studies (EMS) for veterinary students can be booked by calling 01923 223321.

    The procedure for equine experience is the same, please contact the equine department at the start of your EMS and we will try to accommodate you for some of your stay.

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Equine Office

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If you have an emergency and it is after the office has closed please call the equine office number to get the out of hours vet and contact number to call. If you are unable to get through to the vet please call the second alternative on the answerphone message.