Equine General Anaesthesia

Advice and instructions about general anaesthesia for horses

General Instructions

  • One section of hay can be offered overnight before general anaesthesia (GA) and a small amount of hay can be offered in the morning if GA is performed in the afternoon
  • No hard feed should be given in the morning of the operation
  • Water should be available up until 1 hour before surgery
  • If the horse is grass-kept it should be brought into a stable with no food/hay 4-6 hours prior to surgery.

Requirements for the Operation

  • Most procedures requiring a GA are carried out in a large mènage or outdoors.
  • To perform a GA, we require a suitable environment which is dry, spacious and quiet.
  • A clean bucket with warm water
  • A clean, relaxed patient (if possible!).
  • One capable person available to hold the patient
  • The vet may need a nearby power point to provide extra lighting or for the use of electrical equipment if necessary, please check with the vet.

A consent form should be signed prior to the GA. This confirms the acceptance of the associated risks & authorisation for the relevant procedure to be carried out.

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