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Meet the Team

Meet our caring veterinary team

Trainee Nurses

The trainee nurses at Park are all in the process of taking their exams and studying at college 1 or 2 days a week to become registered veterinary nurses (RVNs). When not at college they work in the centre supporting the registered nurses and working as part of the team with the vets whilst learning the practical side of the course.

Auxiliary Staff

The auxilliary staff support the whole team by keeping the premises functioning. They provide our essential building maintenance including keeping our grass exercise area nice and green as well as a regular supply of clean bedding for the patients. The more technical side involves cleaning, sterilising and packaging our surgical instruments ready for use.

Overnight Auxillary Staff

The night staff at Park Veterinary Centre look after our in-patients when the day staff leave at 8pm.
They use the hospital charts drawn up during the day to continue the pet’s treatment plan overnight and have access to the vet for any problems or questions that arise during the night. There is a handover period both before their shift begins and at the end of the shift, with the registered nurses so any unusual occurences overnight can be discussed ensuring continuity of treatment.

Administration Team

Reception Staff

We are very lucky to have a friendly, caring and efficient Reception Team looked after by our Head of Reception Natasha, who along with Lesley, Dawn, Tina, Tracey and Ann can help you upon arrival in what is often a stressful and worrying time for you and your pet.

No task is too big or small for the team and with so many year’s experience and knowledge they will always support you and make you feel welcome during your visit.

Receptionists at Katherine Place Branch Surgery

When you visit the Branch Surgery at Katherine Place you will be assisted by our helpful reception staff. Vivienne has been with us since 2006 and with her experience and knowledge, is an asset to PVC. Jackie joined the Practice in February 2014 and works part-time, helping during the busy morning surgeries as well as some of our Saturday surgeries. Gloria is our most recent addition and can be found here on Saturdays and at other busy times.


When you telephone The Park Veterinary Centre your first point of contact is always our telephonists who diligently manage the phones during opening hours. Lesley, Tracey and Ann will always endeavour to answer your call as quickly as possible and help you with your enquiry. The Vets at the Centre are often busy operating or consulting so our telephony team are very well versed in making sure important messages reach their intended recipient in a timely and efficient manner as your pets are very important to us.

Accounts Team

The Park Veterinary accounts team has three members, Angie (Accounts Manager), Michela and Kerry. We occasionally have a fourth member, when Daisy the cat decides to join us at our desks! We are often found organising coffee mornings or Christmas raffles, but our day to day routine involves typical accounting duties, such as processing all the payments at the practice – in and out, registering insurance forms for the vets to complete and dealing with any calls to the accounts office, to name but a few. Angie’s role extends to such duties as computer fixing, leak detecting and general problem solving around the practice!