Requirements for X-rays

Suitable area/site

  • Inside stable or under cover and preferably a flat concrete floor. Minimum area of 10 square metres.
  • As dark as possible and quiet environment.
  • Clean and dry.
  • All bedding should be lifted to sides or back of stable – preferably an ‘empty’ stable.
  • Nearby power point with a good source of ‘mains’ electricity. Generator ‘power’ is not suitable.
  • From a safety point of view, people, particularly children should stay away from the x-raying ‘area’ during the procedure.

Anatomical Area To Be X-Rayed

  • The area of the horse to be x-rayed must be clean and dry.
  • If the feet are to be x-rayed, the shoes should be removed before the visit (both feet need to have shoes removed as the opposite one is frequently used for comparison).

Shoes can be removed at the time of the visit but will incur a small extra cost.

  • The procedure will take between ½hr and 3 hours depending on the number of radiographs that need to be taken.
  • Sedation administered by a vet may be necessary as the patient must be quiet and still.


Digital radiographs are generated on site by our radiographer. The radiographs are then e-mailed to the treating vet for analysis.

If appropriate or in an emergency situation the vet can look at the radiographs on site.

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