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Routine visits and consultations available in Watford


  • Routine visits may be arranged through the office Monday – Friday between 9am and 5pm
  • We are available for Emergency visits at all times
  • We endeavour to offer the vet of your choice.
  • For horses kept at livery yards, we endeavour to coordinate the visit with any other clients at the yard to share the visit fee.
  • The visit fee charged is based on the distance in zones from the surgery.


  • A consultation will include an examination and advice
  • Any necessary treatment will be administered or dispensed at the time.
  • A protracted examination/attention of a case may incur further charges on a time basis.
  • If further investigations are required, e.g. nerve blocks, radiography, ultrasonography etc., we will likely arrange a mutually suitable time to come back unless time was available to carry out the procedure there and then.
  • All procedures will be carried out at the yard, in the comfort of your horse’s ‘own home’, unless referral to a hospital is required for specific treatment.
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