Behaviour Consultations

In-house behaviour consultations in Watford

Consultations for problem behaviour in dogs are offered with our in-house behaviour counsellor Carol, who holds the BVNA Certificate in Companion Animal Behaviour and the Post Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour Counselling from Southampton University.

All consultations are from veterinary referrals. It is normal for a dog to feel apprehensive or even anxious when visiting the surgery as they may have experienced some discomfort or pain on previous occasions. Desensitisation involves stress-free visits to the surgery allowing your dog to gradually build up tolerance and confidence to handling and examinations.

When you book an appointment you will be given a nine page questionnaire which should be completed and returned before the consultation takes place. The consultation lasts between one and two hours and it is most beneficial if most or all of the family members can attend with the dog.

Help can be given to deal with a range of problems including:


  • Separation issues (chewing, barking or toileting when left alone)
  • Aggression to other dogs
  • Aggression to people
  • Break down in house training in adult dogs
  • Fear or anxiety-related problems
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Desensitisation Clinics

A problem that we occasionally encounter is the dog that exhibits abnormal behaviour as a result of “Vet-phobia”. If you own a dog that proves difficult to examine/treat at the surgery why not consider desensitisation.

Desensitisation involves getting your dog gradually used to trips to the vets where handling and restraint become as stress free as possible and hopefully end up becoming a pleasant experience. The sessions are short but frequent so you will need to allow time to attend twice weekly. Initially an assessment will take place to determine the suitability of the patient and the relevant starting point.

Benefit from these sessions can sometimes be achieved after just four visits but there have been examples where forty have been required! However on average, most dogs will be much improved after eight sessions.

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