Puppy Playgroups

Join our puppy socialisation classes in Watford

Positive socialisation with other dogs is critical for your puppy’s social development and will help him or her grow into a well-adjusted adult dog. When appropriately run, puppy socialisation groups can help your puppy to interact safely in a controlled environment and help him to progress at his own speed.

We run Puppy Playgroups for puppies who are under 14 weeks of age when they first attend the group. You should receive an invitation after the first or second vaccine. We hold the play group on a Thursday afternoon each week. The playgroups are held at our Branch Surgery in Leavesden and are run by our behaviour counsellor and a team of qualified and trained staff.

The sessions are a combination of off-lead play in small groups for the puppies and talks on puppy care for their owners. The puppy play is monitored carefully so all puppies have an enjoyable time and to enable shy and sensitive puppies to interact with others in their own time.

The sessions end with your puppy being encouraged onto the scales and weighed so that you can check his weight gain and then spending a minute on the consulting room table so he or she does not see coming to the vets as an unpleasant experience.

Food treats and toys are used to make the sessions fun and rewarding. Advice on most aspects of puppy care is available and includes feeding, house training, choosing a training class, behaviour, flea and worm control and socialisation.

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